Land Rover

Land Rover.

The popular British car company Land Rover practices in the production of vehicles with high cross-country ability, which are among the most popular jeeps in the world.
The main plant is located in Solihull near Birmingham. In 1938, when the whole of Great Britain was a severe shortage of steel, there is born the first car Land Rover, the body of which was made of a very cheap alloy. After that the aim of the designers of the office was to produce a car that was to combine the simplicity and at the same time, refinement. In 1970, the Range Rover was born, which would later be exhibited next to «the Joconda» as the standard-bearer of modern art.
The next novelty that shook the world, was the Discovery model. Technically, it could be placed between the aesthetically mature Range Rover and the comfortable Defender. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven years, the company’s specialists added a new Freelander to the lineup. Today, Land Rover is part of the Indian group Tata.