A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles

A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles.

In two thousand seven years, Brian Murphy bought a Nissan Frontier (the equivalent of a Navara) and since then has traveled more than one million miles (or 1.6 million kilometers). Nissan’s press service told us that Murphy often spends an average of thirteen hours a day behind the wheel.

At the 7 hundred and 20 5 thousand miles «Nissan» was required to replace the unique generator and radiator, 1.12 million miles – the timing chain. And after 1.28 million miles, Murphy changed the clutch of the five-speed manual transmission. The driver’s seat had lasted about eight hundred thousand kilometers before it was replaced.

Nissan thanked Murphy for «illustrating the durability and reliability of the Frontier» and gave him a new Nissan Frontier. In the meantime, the «record-breaking» pickup went to the company’s Smyrna, Tennessee, plant as an exhibit – where the pickup was assembled thirteen years ago.

According to the 62-year-old driver, the old pickup runs great as before. He didn’t rule out the possibility of driving a million miles in a new car (but thought about reducing the length of his working day).

The new Frontier has not changed from the outside, but it has a 3.8-liter V6 with more than three hundred horsepower.с., all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission.

Video: Brian Murphy and his Frontier Millionaire

Previously, Nissan showed the cabin of a tiny crossover Magnite, which should be the most affordable model on the Indian market. A Lada designer invented a sports car concept for Nissan. As http://gh.hot-line.shop/ a base he took «Sylvia», whose creation ended almost 20 years ago.

Nissan has decided to bring the Nissan Ariya electric car to Russia. Residents of the country of the rising sun promised not to delay the delivery of the new electronic crossover.

Land Rover

Land Rover.

The popular British car company Land Rover practices in the production of vehicles with high cross-country ability, which are among the most popular jeeps in the world.
The main plant is located in Solihull near Birmingham. In 1938, when the whole of Great Britain was a severe shortage of steel, there is born the first car Land Rover, the body of which was made of a very cheap alloy. After that the aim of the designers of the office was to produce a car that was to combine the simplicity and at the same time, refinement. In 1970, the Range Rover was born, which would later be exhibited next to «the Joconda» as the standard-bearer of modern art.
The next novelty that shook the world, was the Discovery model. Technically, it could be placed between the aesthetically mature Range Rover and the comfortable Defender. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven years, the company’s specialists added a new Freelander to the lineup. Today, Land Rover is part of the Indian group Tata.